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Mustard Seed Faith: The Prerequisite to Growing More Faith

Faith takes faith. In other words, you have to have some faith in order to have more faith in order to have undaunted faith (See Matthew 17:20 below):

Mat 17:20  And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Note: See ‘Key Elements of Faith: Do You Believe?’ for more on building your faith.

You have to start with a little bit of faith and build it over time until you know God intimately and see for yourself how great He really is. (more…)

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Is everything going your way? I would venture to say no. You probably woke up this morning with a plan, but the moment you got out of bed you were irritated by everything and everyone around you. Here’s something you should know: things will NEVER go 100% your way 100% of the time. Otherwise, you would be God. And I’m afraid to say you’re every bit as mortal as I am—and we are not God. What we need to be doing is learning how to live a joyful and peaceful life despite our circumstances. In short, we need to adjust our attitudes because the same determines our altitude.


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Treasure Hunting
When many of us were younger, we enjoyed going on treasure hunts. Whether we were searching for Easter eggs or just looking for something that was hidden, there was always something exciting about finding what we considered to be lost. Obviously, whatever we were looking for was not lost. It was lost to us because we had no idea where it was. Nevertheless, somebody (usually the one who hid it) knew exactly where it was.
It’s Still Missing

So where am I getting at? There are things even to this day—treasures—that are hidden, and many of us have no idea where they are.

By ‘treasures’ I am not necessarily referring to government grants, unclaimed riches, or anything like that. There are treasures beyond the scope of these items that are still missing. They are intentionally hidden because they are not meant for everybody—just somebody. If these hidden things were not important, or were not considered treasures, there would be no point in hiding them. (more…)

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Lasting Impressions
Some stories resonate in our minds no matter how many years have gone by. They are life lessons, at the least–and yes…no matter your age, experience, education, social status, income level, etc…you are not beyond ‘learning’. God always has a way to humble us and show us our shortcomings.
The ‘Panera’ Man
A couple of years ago I was at Panera Bread (an Internet cafe) to have lunch and do some work. I was in line about to place my order, and I stood behind a woman who was placing her order. She was holding an infant in her arms, and was waiting to pay the cashier. So the cashier rings her up and the woman fumbles through her purse for cash or some form of payment. Here was my most uncomfortable, inconvenient, awkward moment of that day: the valley of indecision.  (more…)

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