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Hi everybody,

I would be remiss not to tell you about the release of my upcoming eBook on spirituality. It’s, of course, a direct reflection of the content you see on this blog–only it’s much more profound and intriguing. In addition, it’s much more empowering. In fact, I feel guilty about taking so much time away from my Children’s Bread blog to work on my eBook, and my other blog, http://www.davidgnewby.com. So, to make up for the lost time here, I created my Masterpiece of Motivation. That is, I poured out my heart and soul into my eBook in order to ensure that I would take you higher in God and ultimately higher in yourself.

The eBook is expected to release on 8.1.11, which is just a couple of days away. It will contain inspirational material that will teach you how to trust in God and rely on God to accomplish your dreams. The book discusses in depth, a few of the topics on this blog. However, the book will discuss many more topics. In fact, my eBook will take you down a road less traveled when it comes to being inspired by the word of God. Yes, in my usual way, I will provide my unconventional insight on God’s word, which will do nothing less than motivate you.

Here’s a snapshot of what the book will contain:

  • Over 50 pages of pure, powerful, practical, and empowering content
  • Insight from my 15+ years of personal spiritual growth, Bible study, and revelation from God
  • My unwavering expression of truth as stated in God’s Word
  • About 20 chapters with 20 different topics of material
  • Several lists of tips throughout the book to help you grow in God
  • At least one important closing takeaway for each chapter
  • An inspirational message to close each chapter
  • Important notes throughout the book to explain certain points
  • Brief commentaries on certain scriptures
  • An exceptional and attractive cover
  • And more

I am coming up with a nice bonus for those that purchase on launch day. Stay tuned for that…

Meanwhile, be sure to subscribe to http://www.davidgnewby.com for all updates on the eBook as well as what I am currently up to.

All the best…and as usual


Lets go higher,


PS. The Children’s Bread blog will officially become an eBook on 8.1.11. It will be sold from my blog and from Amazon.

PSS. I will continue to develop Children’s Bread. Stay tuned.


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Hi everybody,


I just wanted to drop by and let you know what has been going on with me and Children’s Bread. I have been unfortunately out of commission in terms of posting entries as often as I normally do. And I need to tell you why.


I have been working on my other blog, http://www.davidgnewby.com, which is my Life Coaching and Consulting blog, and it focuses on spirituality, business, self improvement, and community responsibility. So, in dedicating a lot of my time there, I have not been posting as much here, on Children’s Bread.


In addition, I have also been working on a Children’s Bread eBook, which I hope to release by August 2011. Yes, I have been pouring out all my energy into developing the eBook, which I assure you will contain some of the most empowering material you’ve read lately.


So, rest assured that this blog is still alive and I will start increasing the number of entries I make here. Stay subscribed, and stay tuned for more uplifting posts. You can’t afford to miss it!


God bless,






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