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Sleep Paralysis, sleep, sleeping, nightmaresSleep Paralysis. What exactly is it? According to Wikipedia, Sleep paralysis is paralysis associated with sleep that may occur in healthy persons or may be associated with narcolepsycataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations.

The Essence of Sleep Paralysis

I don’t know much about the scientific definition of sleep paralysis, but I do know this: I have experienced those episodes many times. And if they do nothing else, they deprive a person of sleep, which can become very frustrating. Being deprived of sleep can ultimately affect how you function in everyday life. In any event, though sleep paralysis is probably more common than I think amongst people, and it’s often explained in scientific terms, I tend to look at the issue spiritually. I personally believe sleep paralysis is a deliberate satanic attack against the saints of God. The attacks seem to be much more than a simple nightmare. (more…)

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heaven, stairway to heavenIf you want to go higher in yourself by going higher in God, there are three basic things that you need to consider. Those things are (1) your position, (2) your strategy, and (3) your resources. Master these elements and you will have no choice but to move forward into your destiny and fulfilling your life potential. Take a look at each factor in detail below.

Your Position: ‘What’s Your 20?’

Knowing where you are currently is a key determinant in getting where you desire to be in life. Where you are doesn’t necessarily imply where you are physically [though it may]. In this case, ‘where you are’ suggests your position as related to alignment with God. In more plain terms, your location asks, ‘Are you where God is?’ To go higher in yourself and in the world by going higher in God, you must first know where God is as well as know where He isn’t. Fortunately, God provides His Word as a way for you to locate Him. Those that do locate God are effectively dwelling in His secret place, as mentioned in Psalm 91. (more…)

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