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Jungle of Life

The Jungle of Life

Have you ever ventured off into the woods, maybe as a kid, to find a bunch of thick shrubs, thorns, and broken tree branches around you? I mean, you may have been playing with your friends, or even out exploring and found yourself in the woods. Perhaps as an adult, you have gone out hiking or exploring and found yourself in a wooded place. Whether as an adult or as a kid, you probably knew that going through woods, or even worse, jungles could be a very arduous task, especially if the path was not paved.

The Jungle of Life

Well, it’s the same way in life. Many paths in life are paved for us. However, far too often, people venture out into the jungle of life on unclear paths. Consequently, they get cut up by all the things around them that they could have avoided: the shrubs, the thorns, loose tree branches, and so forth. (more…)

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