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Do you make a habit of consistently encouraging yourself? If so, how? If not, you should. Life has its ups and downs, and there is nothing better than getting your mojo back after a tough day or period in your life.

Finding What Works for  You

So how can you motivate yourself when you are down? There are many ways: prayer, meditation,  talking to somebody, and other things. Here is what I used to do to encourage myself. I recommend giving this a try if you need encouragement and you want to establish a new zest for life. First off, I believe there’s no greater inspiration than prayer and one on one time with God. However, prior to really knowing God I used this unconventional motivational system to get me on fire for life every day. I essentially created a Motivation Chamber, which was my refuge from the trials of life. It was a place I went to and turned to for faith, empowerment, peace, and comfort whenever I needed it. You can create one too by following these steps:

Empty room

Empty room


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