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Lasting Impressions
Some stories resonate in our minds no matter how many years have gone by. They are life lessons, at the least–and yes…no matter your age, experience, education, social status, income level, etc…you are not beyond ‘learning’. God always has a way to humble us and show us our shortcomings.
The ‘Panera’ Man
A couple of years ago I was at Panera Bread (an Internet cafe) to have lunch and do some work. I was in line about to place my order, and I stood behind a woman who was placing her order. She was holding an infant in her arms, and was waiting to pay the cashier. So the cashier rings her up and the woman fumbles through her purse for cash or some form of payment. Here was my most uncomfortable, inconvenient, awkward moment of that day: the valley of indecision.  (more…)

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Holiday Traditions

That special time of year arrives again. Christmas and the holidays are here and many of us wish it lasted forever. We get presents for each other and spend a great amount of our time with family and friends, exchanging gifts, eating, sharing, laughing, and so on. We have a special spot reserved in our hearts, schedules, homes, and at our tables for the people we’ve classified as our family.That’s what the holidays are all about right? Not entirely.



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