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In the wake of the recent tsunami that devastated Japan, I thought it appropriate to post a Bible scripture of peace, protection, safety, and rest for you. Thank God for His covering! Please pray for the families of those that were lost and affected by the tsunami. Be encouraged by Psalm 91:


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Ever Managed a Project?

Have you ever been given a certain project or task in life that was explicitly designed for you and you alone? Others were considered, but you were the one that was selected to execute it. It could have been a school report, managing a major project at work, coordinating a remodeling project at home, or something else. Chances are you have. If not, you probably will take on one at some point in your life.

Close to Heart
If you were the project manager, you probably held it close to your heart, tried to execute it with precision, and made sure it was well taken care of and completed like it was supposed to be. In short, you gave it your special attention! That includes your care, your efforts, your capabilities, your resources, your protection, and so on. 

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