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‘How Great Thou Art’
When was the last time you considered the sheer majesty of God? Daily, we observe His wondrous works in nature and in the universe. We typically accredit God with being ‘great’. While that is generally an accurate description of God, the same is the ultimate understatement regarding God. For instance, do you frequently consider how small God is? If so, you’re well ahead of many people. If not, it’s about time to recognize that God is every bit as small as He is big. He fills the entire spectrum of our existence.

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Please watch this 6-minute video about the size of the universe. It’s truly uplifting.


**Your BIG problem is nothing for God to solve. He is much greater than you can ever imagine!**


Note: God is NOT the universe! God is much much much much much bigger than the universe, because He is its Creator.

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