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Ever wonder how long your trip through the wilderness of your life would last? Are you getting anxious about arriving at your destination? The truth is, none of us really know when we will actually arrive where we’re supposed to be. Our arrival could be much further than we expect; or it could be right now. Only God truly knows the answer to that. However, I can almost guarantee you one thing: a positive attitude about life, and our journey through it will likely expedite that process!

Israel in the Wilderness

God planned to bring the children of Israel through the wilderness under the guidance of Moses (See the Book of Exodus in the Bible, specifically chapter 16). What was supposed to be an 11 day journey turned into 40 years. Even worse, not everyone that was in the wilderness got to see the Promised Land. Why? Simply because of their attitude (See my other post, “Going Up?”). Our attitude in the wilderness determines how quickly we come out.

Adjust your ‘Tude’ Dude

We really shouldn’t be concerned with when God brings us out. We just need to go forth and walk by faith, not by sight. And rest assured, He has no intention of prolonging our stay in our current position (our spiritual state, our job position, our mindset, our financial situation, and so on). God is all about progress and promotion. That’s because He wants to advance His Kingdom, and He can only do so by placing the right people in positions to do His work, and be a benefit to others. However, to get to that ‘position’ we are required to go on a journey. That’s called ‘life’ by the way. That includes learning about God, learning about ourselves, pursuing our calling, and becoming better every day.

Closing Message

I implore you to stay diligent in pursuing your calling, your goals and your vision. Have faith in the fact that as long as we’re moving forward, we will eventually arrive at our destination—and often much sooner than we think!

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