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Treasure Hunting
When many of us were younger, we enjoyed going on treasure hunts. Whether we were searching for Easter eggs or just looking for something that was hidden, there was always something exciting about finding what we considered to be lost. Obviously, whatever we were looking for was not lost. It was lost to us because we had no idea where it was. Nevertheless, somebody (usually the one who hid it) knew exactly where it was.
It’s Still Missing

So where am I getting at? There are things even to this day—treasures—that are hidden, and many of us have no idea where they are.

By ‘treasures’ I am not necessarily referring to government grants, unclaimed riches, or anything like that. There are treasures beyond the scope of these items that are still missing. They are intentionally hidden because they are not meant for everybody—just somebody. If these hidden things were not important, or were not considered treasures, there would be no point in hiding them. (more…)

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