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“Feed My Sheep”…

That’s the word I got from God the other day. I had been neglecting my blog, Children’s Bread, in order to focus on other things for a certain period of time. However, God caused me to get back to my blog, and my spiritual guidance in order to expose the devil, and reveal more of God’s will to the people. I am glad I received that word from God because I want to continue to empower, teach, cover in prayer, serve, stand with, partner with, and help you grow in God. I also want you to have life, and walk in God’s divine protection. That said, I know Satan, the enemy of your soul, may be trying to hinder your walk with God and your joy in life. It’s only right that he gets exposed, yet again. And that’s what I want to do—expose the devil—because knowledge of him is power to you. Accordingly, here is a word I have for you today regarding your real adversary, the devil: It’s the same permission, same power, and same devil! (more…)

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I came across this interesting sermon after I did some research on why God allows Satan to tempt man or come against us. It’s definitely worth checking out. It will tell you more about your adversary, the devil, as well as God’s purpose behind allowing Satan to do what he does to mankind:

Sermon: Why Does Satan Oppose Us and Why Doesnt God Stop Him?.


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The Boardroom Meeting in Hell

If you’re really in God, every living second, minute, or hour of your life is a battle against evil. Yes, you are a target of your adversary, the devil. He literally sits at his boardroom table in hell and plans his attack on you with his subordinates [just like he did with Job and countless others]. That is essentially what you want–you want to be a burden to your enemy!


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The Truth About Your Adversary the Devil: He Wants You | Life Coaching and Consulting – David G. Newby.

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